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Holy shit.

So a while back I found that this thing was still online and somehow recovered my account through an old ass hotmail account that I had to recreate. Some hackery later and here I was, staring at all my emo shit from long before. And now, I've remembered my login stuff so that I can let my Hoe Kart check out what my life used to be.

Hilarity ensues...

- N3utra

Sitting, thinking, wondering...
There is a girl so beautiful that it would be foolish, even pointless to try and describe her with words. Music would be the only means of conveying what her entity is like upon this fragile world. Staring at her simply confuses you because you can't quite convince yourself that she's really there. It just doesn't seem real that such a person would be here, in front of you, so pure and perfect, while you live here in this chaotic and imperfect world. The way she touches her hair and pushes it back gently, the way it falls down slowly and runs across her face seems almost like magic. Her smile is so delicious, it makes you smile just thinking about it. Those perfect, delicate lips spreading apart so smoothly and elegantly. As she tilts her head to the side, the line across her face and down her neck is so arousing, you can just follow every curve of her body with your eyes and feel as if you're looking at your favorite painting. Her eyes, god those eyes, like two floating infinite nebulas that stare back at you. It's not about getting lost in them, it's about being overtaken by them. Once you look, you're trapped in their soothing gaze until they blink and drop you back into your body once again. The deep, dark lines of her black eyeliner make you trace them over and over. As she passes a hand across your arm, you feel it get warmer and soften itself to prepare for her touch. It feels like the softest sand as it brushes across and it makes everything around you go numb and silent. She smells like an ocean made of roses that goes on forever. When her voice wraps itself around your head and pours into your ears like water pours into a crystal glass, you have to close your eyes to fully comprehend that what you're hearing is like nothing that you have ever heard. It sounds almost like singing floating through the air with raindrops for every pause in it. You can only imagine how arousing and sensual the clothes she wears are. To say that she is everything that your dreams end in and is every wish made by a man all combined into one, single angel that treads upon terra, yes, that would be a good place to begin. In all your life, such beauty, power and perfection will never be found among anything else that God has created.

- For you...

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Hey Sky, just thought you'd like to know you are passed the FUCK out on my bed, lol. Glad you came over ;0)

"Dad! I just won a ballon in the bathroom!"

Which Family Guy character are you?

Hooray! Not that many people probably know what Family Guy is, but if you do, I was really trying for Quagmire, but oh well :0)

Summation of the great birthday party that was on the 12th of February, the greatest day EVAR!
So the glorious day that is my birthday was this past weekend. Thank you soooooo much for all the phone calls people from ATL. They made me feel special, heh, I mean they WOULD HAVE if anyone would have called! Bastards! All of you! See if I call you when I'm in town next! Kidding, although Leah and P. did remember, thank you guys ::scowls at a picture of the Scotties:: Let's see, well, my parents gave me money and dinner and that was about it. Got phone calls from people, which is always nice. Leah was actually in town for my birthday so she got to party with all of my friends from down here. We made 2 big border runs to stock up on stuff and miraculously it wasn't all consumed by the end of the nite. Then again drinking a 1.75 of Absolut and another bottle of Stoli vodka, two bottles of rum, umm, oh who cares, it was a lot and all of us together couldn't have finished it. Had it been Phi Tau, god knows we would have made another beer run in the middle of the nite. From who all I REMEMBER being there, it was a good crowd of people. Chris and the usual gang, Melanie and Steph, Noe and the girls, Val and some other random people in the middle of the night and Rob and company for a brief period of time. I had so much fun. Note to self: Do NOT play 7-11 Doubles with liquour, it's just BAD. But thank you Melanie and Steph and Leah for playing, you guys were troopers. Everything went pretty much downhill from there. From what pieces I have been give of the nite, and the random flashbacks, we played 7-11 Doubles until I just couldn't take chugging vodka over and over, Melanie ran into a window or something? Poor thing. Hope you're feeling better love, Chris and Etienne got plastered and Etienne proceeded to walk around in my clothes, in fact, a lot of people raided my closet and put my clothes on. Somehow the plant in the living room ended up on top of the entertainment center? I kept trying to run into the bathroom with girls for what reason who knows, and who cares :0) Noe and crew, umm, well I know I talked to them outside for a bit. Rob came and left and I was so drunk that I called Alyssa to tell her to tell Rob that I was pissed at him that he came and "drank my shit and left like a little bitch". I apologized the next day to Rob of course. I think at some point Mel got sick? I don't remember. I found out that I can't work my receiver when I'm drunk, and I mean my receiver, not some perverted metaphor. What else...OH, to the fucker who put an unwrapped condom in my BED, I will find and destroy you, that was so gross ::shudder:: I tried initiating a threesome in my closet, not with myself, but by pushing people in there and locking the door. Took a random shot of tequila with some random guy that showed up. Leah flashed everyone a few times by "accident" supposedly ;0) Etienne kept spanking Cessie and Chris got a number, woohoo. Oh lord, and drunken phone calls. Many, MANY, drunken phone calls, sorry Morgan. Aside from all that, there prob was more, but I can't think of anything else. I woke up semi drunk the next day and loafed around, but man what a good time. Last thing I remember is seeing Noe leave, dats about it. V-Day was V-Day, nothing special happened ;0) I saw Hitch with Leah, which I highly recommend people watch, it's hilarious, plus, it might give you a different prespective on things, I know it did to me. Alrite, well that's all for now, will post more later on. I have made a resolve to post more often after my birthday. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh, and of course, I missed you Helen and Sky :0( I wish you guys could have made it. Sadly the nites we don't go out are accumulating and I'm going to make you each take a shot for everyone that we didn't spend together, so be ready, you've been warned. Lates...

I want to run my fingers through your hair...
So I found the most aweome song ever tonite. I'm concentrating bery hard in writing this. I've been drinking since 8 with Chris and it is now 12:...something. Anyways, this song makes me want to have my own house so that I can throw parties with like a million people. I want the skyline of a city to be in backyard or something. Anyways, big plans for this weekend. Probably Mex for drinks and an after party of sorts. I miss a lot of things right now. I came up with this weird theory of how everything and everyone is made up of sounds and how it's all interrelated in a perfect way. Aside from that, thank you Melenaie for bearing with the drunkeness and thank you Sky for letting us entertain you. Helen where the hell were you? Oh and I'm sorry there wasn't much going on when you started watching Noe, lol. And thank you Leah for actually entertaining Chris and I :0) Dat's about it. I really want a Lexus LF-A when it comes out. Wow, this song is almost good enough to fuck to. Long live Depeche Mode!

You should have walked away, when you walked away, you should have walked away...

In the darkness I will come out

I will feed on your hate and make you stronger

I will consume your dreams and give you fears

Fears which will make you reject the world and become stronger

And in the end you will become a machine that controls destinies

In your wake only our names will be remembered

Fury, Wrath and Malice


Man, I feel sick, I think I need something to eat. As for that last part, don't ask. I had to let it out and write it down. It's been in my mind all morning for some reason.

I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning...how meant to be...

It's not like I can't explain what's in my heart

It's just I feel a crazy pain when we're apart

I don't want to breathe, I don't want to think

I don't want to love, I don't want to do anything


I swear I have a reincarnation of Mr. Rogers as my Computer Science teacher. The guy isn't bad or anything, he's just, ugh, too nice and calm and quiet and tries to act hip with everyone. It's disturbing at times. I can't understand a fucking word that my Digital Systems teacher says. Nice guy, bad english, oh well. As long as he keeps writing numbers down I'll be ok. German looks like it may kick my ass. Knowing French and Japanese along with English and Spanish is starting to turn out bad. German sounds like french, but is pronounced like spanish, yet looks like english.I'm not even going to talk about all the weird little letters that they have. It's as bad as Japanese in that sense. Other than that school is fun. I'm happy to be back and I actually ran into a friend of mine from wayyyyyyyyyy back in the day. It was funny because we saw each other, greeted, then walked into the same class. So now I have a friend at school, woohoo! No really, I have friends that got o Pan Am, but I don't see any of them. And I don't really open up and start trying to meet people in my class, I like being left alone. I'm that well dressed guy that's quiet and sits in the corner in the back and fucks up the bell curve for everyone. Anyways, this weekend should be interesting now that I got back in touch with Denny, we'll see.

Oh hell yeah...
underworld is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Thank you Helen for the reference to it.

Thanksgiving Weekend
So Thanksgiving was good. Got nice and full and hung out with the family. Friday, umm, god, short term memory loss here. Oh, ok, Friday was spent at Etienne's. Just kicking back and drinking and playing some Halo 2 semi drunk. We had some 40's that we split between Chris, Etienne and Morgan. We raced to see who could finish their glass first like 3 times and I sucked and lost all 3 times. I got all messy on the 1st one. I drank a shitload of rum throughout the course of the nite and felt like shit Saturday morning. Saturday was spent doing errands and stuff and then finally going over to Chris' for the party. It was a good time. I got nice and drunk, but not stupid blackout drunk. Got to see some old friends from back in the day and poor Valerie got really sick. On a side note: I am never doing another shot of Absolut Kurant again. I felt like hell from those on Sunday. Etienne was also very drunk, lol. I usually don't see that kid get drunk, it's special when he does. Umm, other then that, some stupid semi drama occurred but blew over thankfully. She was there, but thankfully not for very long. Morgan had some pretty chill kids that he knew come over, they were pretty funny. They brought this girl, fucking wow. That's all I'm going to say. Umm, aside from all that, Noe and Rob and all my other friends were there in full force, so it was good to be at a party with all them again. Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing. I felt like hell again and watched god knows how many movies until like 11 PM when I finally felt descent again. Leah is down from Atlanta for a few days, so I'll be kicking it with her. Well, that's about it. Off to run more errands for now and work on my Japanese...


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